Pro-Life Update: 15-Week Abortion Ban, What You Need to Know

The post-Roe era calls for bold, compassionate leadership on the issue of abortion.

You may have heard some organizations or candidates promote a federal 15-week abortion ban as the path forward. Sadly, a 15-week ban offers almost no protection for the unborn, since about 95% of abortions happen in the first 15-weeks of pregnancy.

Advocates for life should instead work to build consensus around legal protections which both safeguard women and offer meaningful legal protections for the unborn, as an effective starting point. We can and must offer a compelling case that invites women to make a choice for life, rather than equivocate with policies that offer little to no protection for women and the unborn.

We can and must do better.

Elected officials interested in offering meaningful protections and alternatives for women seeking an abortion and, ultimately, saving the lives of vulnerable children regardless of gestational age, should focus on legislative priorities such as:

  • Protecting the rights of parents to be involved in a minor’s decision related to an abortion.
  • Ensuring taxpayer dollars are not used for abortion.
  • Protecting informed consent and existing “right to know” laws for women seeking an abortion.