New Study Shows Abortion’s Impact on Women

Abortion’s Impact on Women’s Mental Health

July 13, 2023 by Bradley Mattes

[Life Issues Institute] While feminists rally behind the abortion industry, a significant new study shows that abortion is having a devastating impact on women.

A peer-reviewed study from Charlotte Lozier Institute, published in the International Journal of Women’s Health, shows that women who abort their first pregnancy are much more likely to experience an increased need for mental health treatment compared with women who give birth.

The data was gleaned from over 4,800 Medicaid-enrolled women, spanning a period of 17 years. They resided in seven states which used state taxpayer funds to pay for the abortions. The research also demonstrated that these women were less likely to have a prior history of mental health issues, an indicator that abortion was the culprit.

This study is significant because researchers didn’t rely on much less reliable information, such as surveys that depend on self-reporting and are plagued with low participation, loss to follow-up and recall bias.

The many women represented in this study were so traumatized by their abortions they sought out treatment for their deteriorating mental health…

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