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Pastor Saves Baby From Abortion at Planned Parenthood Who Only Had Moments to Live

By Chris Alexis at LifeNews.com
Originally posted: July 18, 2023

Pastor John Lewis poses with Haleigh and her son, Mason.

Pastor John Lewis helped to save an unborn child who had only moments to live. In fact, it would be an experience that would change the man forever.

It all went down in July 2021, when Lewis was standing in front of a Planned Parenthood in Memphis, Tenn. In the midst of starting up his pro-life organization, Beyond the Pews for Life – the mission of which is Changing Lives – One Conversation At a Time – he was there to change the hearts of women who had decided to end the life of their unborn children.

Meeting Brandon

“The last few weeks, we had experienced several success stories and God moved in the hearts of several women as we spoke to them of Christ’s love and of the value of their baby’s life,” he said. “They had chosen, instead of killing their baby, to nurture and love them and had allowed us to walk alongside them and provide the things necessary for the eventual birth of their child.”

One day, Lewis saw a young man sitting in the front seat of his car. The vehicle’s door was open, and the man’s feet were on the pavement.

“I had no idea that what God was about to do would change my paradigm forever,” Lewis said.

At first, the pastor hesitated about approaching the young man. After all, there were three Planned Parenthood escorts between them. And perhaps the man would rebuke him angrily.

But Lewis decided to make the attempt anyway, calling out to the young man and saying, “Hey, sir. I am Pastor John. Could I pray with you today?”

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