RLM Responds to Governor Whitmer Signing Family Protection Act


April 1, 2024

“Noticeably absent from today’s charade was any mention of parental consent for reproductive decisions of a minor child, including abortion.”

Amber Roseboom, President RLM

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Today, Right to Life of Michigan issued the statement below in response to Governor Gretchen Whitmer signing the Michigan Family Protection Act.

“Today’s bill signing is a disgraceful election year attempt to mislead voters with the fantasy that IVF, prenatal care and abortion are at risk in Michigan. This could not be further from the truth. IVF has been operating in Michigan since the 70s. There is no threat to it, nor has there been. There is absolutely no parallel in Michigan to Alabama’s recent, isolated issue. Prenatal care has never been at risk in Michigan. And abortion is now protected in about a dozen places in state law, beyond the provision in our state constitution,” stated Amber Roseboom, President, Right to Life of Michigan.

Roseboom continued, “Parents in Michigan should be on notice! At stake now are common-sense protections for women, parents and children. Noticeably absent from today’s charade was any mention of parental consent for reproductive decisions of a minor child, including abortion. The Governor and her allies in the state legislature are determined to further chip away at parental rights, intent on overturning parental consent in Michigan.”

Last Tuesday, March 26, when referring to the Reproductive Health Act, Governor Whitmer told Michigan Public Radio the removal of parental consent for abortion “was a part of the original package, and I was advocating for the whole package to get to my desk…”

Parental consent for a minor girl seeking an abortion is supported by 70% of Michigan voters.

A legal challenge from Right to Life of Michigan and 15 other plaintiffs, including physicians and parents, is focused on the overreach of Proposal 3 that puts Michigan families at risk and endangers women. It has no impact on IVF, prenatal care or the legality of abortion in Michigan. Alternatively, the recent Northland Family Planning Centers’ lawsuit, which claims informed consent is now unconstitutional under Proposal 3, demonstrates the immediate threat to women’s health in the state and the need for action. Beyond that, altruistic surrogacy has been legal in Michigan for decades.

“It is high time the Governor levels with Michiganders,” Roseboom concluded.

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