State Senate Brazenly Pushes Through Dangerous Reproductive Health Act, Threatens Removal of Longstanding Health and Safety Protections for Women and Children

Senate Passage Flies in the Face of Overwhelming Public Support for Retaining a Women’s Right to Know through Informed Consent and Abortion Health and Safety Regulations

We were told that these bills will be taken up in the house as early as next week.

St. Joseph County Legislators:

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  • MI Senate Pushes Through Dangerous RHA

    On Tuesday, November 7, the Michigan Senate passed the Reproductive Health Act. The RHA will now be sent to Governor Whitmer’s desk for her to sign—the final step to passing the package.

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  • Nov-2 Update on the RHA

    While most of our pro-life laws will be repealed with the passage of this bill package, your calls and emails made a difference.  Abortion supporters are very disappointed that they didn’t get a repeal of the parental consent law, the Medicaid funding ban, and the informed consent law – we’ll take it as a win!

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  • Important Update on the Reproductive Health Act

    The Democratic leaders have come out and stated publicly that despite Rep. Whitsett’s vote, they are optimistic they will get this legislation passed with the help of a couple Republicans. Therefore, it is imperative that you call your state representative and ask him/her to vote no regardless of party affiliation.

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  • URGENT! Contact your state legislators immediately

    The “Reproductive Health Act” (RHA) calls for the repeal of many commonsense abortion regulations that have broad support of Michigan citizens, including the majority of those who voted for Proposal 3.

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