MI Senate Pushes Through Dangerous RHA

Removing Longstanding Protections for Women and Children

This past Tuesday, November 7, the Michigan Senate passed the Reproductive Health Act. The RHA will now be sent to Governor Whitmer’s desk for her to sign—the final step to passing the package.

The package of bills included The RHA strips abortion clinic licensing and inspection requirements, including regulations that ensure clinic hallways are wide enough for EMS workers and a stretcher in the case of an emergency; eliminates the requirement for sanitary humane disposal of fetal remains; removes transparency for the abortion industry by eliminating abortion reporting including abortion complication reporting; and allows for partial-birth abortion to once again be performed in our state.

The bills that were passed by the Senate on Tuesday were a combination of House and Senate bills due to several representatives demanding that the barrier to using taxpayer dollars to pay for other people’s abortions as well as the 24-hour waiting period for informed consent be left intact.

Thank you to those who feverishly contacted your state representatives and senators. We appreciate your dedication to protecting a woman’s right to know.