Important Update on the Reproductive Health Act

September 20, 2023 at 2 pm

The Reproductive Health Act is a package of 11 bills. Out of the 11-bill package, the House committee only voted 6 of the bills out of committee and onto the House floor. A vote is likely to take place next week in the House. The remaining 5 bills have a double in the Senate, so it appears the Senate will be taking up those bills at a later date.

The bills voted out of committee this morning codify the language of Prop 3 into state statute and repeal the following laws:

  • The clinic licensing law which requires abortion facilities to meet basic health and safety standards
  • The informed consent law which requires vital information be given to women 24 hours prior to an abortion
  • The coercive abortion screening law which requires doctors to screen women prior to an abortion to ensure they are not being coerced into having an abortion
  • The ban on partial birth abortions
  • The humane disposal of fetal remains law which requires dignified disposal of fetal remains

One Democrat, Rep. Whitsett, voted NO on these common sense bills. After the vote the Democrats met in caucus and censored her. The Democratic leaders have come out and stated publicly that despite Rep. Whitsett’s vote, they are optimistic they will get this legislation passed with the help of a couple Republicans. Therefore, it is imperative that you call your state representative and ask him/her to vote no regardless of party affiliation; however, focusing on Democratic members more heavily is encouraged.

Talking points to remember in calls or emails:

  • Women have the Right to Know important medical information prior to an abortion which includes risks and alternatives. Informed Consent is the Hallmark of medical ethics.
  • Women have the Right to Know that their surgical abortion clinics are inspected, licensed, and meet basic health and safety standards. No industry is left to regulate itself. Repealing clinic licensing puts abortion clinic profits over patient safety.
  • Women have the Right to Know about abortion complications. Transparency is important to hold bad actors accountable.
  • Screening for coercive abortion protects women.  Repealing the law benefits abusers.

Your calls are working. Please continue to make calls and continue to find other people to make calls. But call only your Representative!

Republicans need to hear from you, too!