Staying up to date on Mifepristone

It’s important to stay up to date on the newest tactics the Abortion Industry is using to manipulate women into abortion. Usage of the abortion pill has been growing rapidly as doctors are marketing it as “easy, quick, and private.” In reality, the abortion pill (mifepristone) is convenient for abortion facilities and abortionists, but certainly not women.

The accessibility of the abortion pill could change at the drop of a hat as a Texas judge ruled that the FDA’s approval from 2000 was unlawful. Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk presided over a case brought by Alliance for Hipproctic Medicine, a coalition of physicians that were concerned about the FDA’s shady approval of mifepristone.

Judge Kacsmaryk agreed with the coalition that the FDA’s approval needed another look. From this ruling, a series of courts, justices, and decisions were made as the case bounced all across the country. The future of the abortion pill now lies in the hands of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, which is scheduled for oral arguments on May 18th.

As of right now, the abortion pill is still on the market without any restrictions, meaning the drug can be accessed through telehealth, pharmacies, and non-physicians.