Abortion in the News

Pro-Life Update

April 18, 2024

You are undoubtedly seeing the news coverage of abortion increase substantially. Pro-abortion politicians are heavily focused on this issue, led by President Biden and our very own governor, Governor Whitmer.

We wanted to remind you of some important facts as you talk about abortion with your friends, neighbors and colleagues:

1. Governor Whitmer legalized partial-birth abortion last fall, by signing the dangerous Reproductive Health Act (RHA). Remember this when you hear someone mistakenly suggest that no one supports late-term, partial-birth abortion. Our governor signed, and all the Democrats in our state legislature voted to pass, a bill legalizing the gruesome practice in Michigan.

In signing the RHA, with the stroke of a pen, the governor also removed long-standing health and safety regulations for abortion clinics, making abortion even more dangerous women. These regulations were supported by a stunning 95% of Michigan voters, voters our governor chose to ignore.

2. The Governor is leading the charge to remove parental consent for a minor girl to have an abortion.

Do you think this is outrageous? You’re not alone – parental consent for a minor girl seeking an abortion is supported by nearly 70% of Michigan voters. Read more here.

3. The stakes are high! We need your help in the days and months ahead.

  • We are fighting to continue to change hearts and minds to value and ultimately make a choice for life. The more you compassionately, confidently share your pro-life views with those around you, the more we chip away at the lie that abortion is a viable to answer to any situation. If you want to help support the efforts of your local Right to Life of Michigan affiliate, please email us at [email protected], and we’ll connect you with them for exciting volunteer opportunities to spread the pro-life message throughout your community.
  • We are fighting to protect the same critical legal safeguards for Michiganders that we had in place under Roe – parental consent, informed consent, and protections against using taxpayer dollars to pay for other people’s abortions! The governor and state politicians have all of these in their sight for removal.
  • We are fighting to elect pro-life candidates who will help us safeguard these important protections in Michigan law.

Will you stand with us this year and work to elect pro-life candidates to our state legislature to stop the governor’s pro-death agenda?! We need you now more than ever.

Contact: Jamie Wallace